Remote Learning in Upgraded Classrooms


The upgraded classrooms include several technologies to improve the remote/synchronous learning experience and the experience for presenting to local audiences.

Previously, the webcam and microphone was all that was available for videoconferencing. This limited the instructor to staying directly in front of the laptop to be seen and heard. Now, the instructor can roam around the front of the classroom and been seen and heard.

Additionally, playing media in the classroom is now enhanced through speakers installed in the ceiling of the classroom. The speakers also perform a "voice lift" function that allows students in the back of the room to hear the instructor better. The audio from media being played and the instructor is also transmitted to student-accessible receivers for those who need hearing accommodations.

Do not move or rotate the podium! There is delicate cabling running to the podium that will be damaged if the podium is moved at all.

Touchpad Controls

The touchpad located on the wall behind the podium is the core of the system. All functions are controlled from the touchpad.


Do not turn Video Mute to red. If you do, when you connect with your laptop, only your laptop will show and no display on the Smartboard will be seen. If you need to not show your laptop just turn Display to off.

Input Options

There are now 2 options for connecting a laptop to the system: USB-C and HDMI

Pay particular attention to the message in the center of the touchpad regarding speaker and microphone selections. Choosing the incorrect speaker output will result in the volume control on the touchpad not having an effect on the volume and playing sound at maximum volume. This can damage the equipment and hearing of occupants of the room, as well as disturb nearby classrooms.