When not on one of NTCC's campuses, you should always connect to the NTCC VPN. Connecting to the VPN permits access to many resources and ensures that your computer gets the latest updates and security settings.

NTCC has 2 VPNs, one is manual while the other is automatic. The NTCC AlwaysOn VPN is the automatic one, and the NTCC VPN is the manual one. Both are accessible from the network system tray icon by the clock.

NOTE: You MUST be connected to the Internet to use the VPN, such as home WiFi.

Automatic connection to NTCC AlwaysOn VPN


Connecting to the NTCC VPN (manual)

 network.pngor wifi.png




DirectAccess VPN (automatic)

The DirectAccess automatically connects. But, you can verify whether it is successfully connected or not. If you are unable to connect to the NTCC VPN and DirectAccess isn't indicating you're connected, you will need to restart your computer.

Verify DirectAccess VPN is connected

network.pngor wifi.png

direct access.png

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