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I'm locked out of my LoLA account

After several failed login attempts, LoLA will lock your account. It will not alert  you that your account is locked. It will continue to give you an "invalid username/password" error.

To unlock either wait at least 15-20 minutes or follow the unlock account guide.

1.) Under Help: Select “I don’t know my password for your password. This will send you to the look up tool.

Follow all prompts to reset your password.


2.) Click Start


3.) Enter your information then click NextDo NOT click Start Over. This will cause you to return to the beginning and start the process all over again. The email will be the one that is your preferred email choice in LoLA. Usually this is your NTCC email, but it may be a personal email.


4.) You will be sent an email with a code. image.png

6.) Input that code in the box labeled Token then click Next once it turns green.


7.) The next screen will ask if you want to unlock account or reset password. Choose unlock account.


8.) Click Next. Then Return to LoLA.