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LoLA/LCTCS 2-factor authentication

This guide on how to enroll in 2-factor authentication (2FA) for LCTCS has been provided by LCTCS. Click the link below to view the guide.

LCTCS Duo How To


You will need to use 2FA for both LoLA and some NTCC services.

  • Once you enroll using the above guide, you will also automatically be enroll for NTCC as well. Both LoLA and NTCC use the Louisiana Community & Technical College System account in Duo Mobile.
  • Enrolling in the app and using Duo Push will ensure the best option for authenticating into your services.

Please submit a helpdesk ticket if you get a new phone in order to reactivate your account. The app is tied to the phone and you will not be able to authenticate if you do not re-enroll.