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Using your desk phone

Not every employee will have a phone number. Please talk to your supervisor if you get one.

  • Your phone number is 985-545-1 plus the 3 digits at the top of your desk phone under the time. Example: 985-545-1500
  • Your phone will travel with you if you move around your campus so no need to have your number changed if you have a new office. We can just unplug the phone and move it to the new location.
  • It will not follow you if you change campuses, and you will need to get a new number. Your supervisor will be the one to request a change of number.
  • Please confirm with your supervisor if you have a number assigned to you.

For more in-depth guide to the desk phone, check out Quick Start Guide for Zoom on Polycom phones.

Please click on the image to view in full. 

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