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Reset ScreenPal app and account

If your ScreenPal recording is showing a max time limit and needs to be retethered:


Exit and uninstall
  1. From the right side of the Windows taskbar, click to expand the system tray, right-click the ScreenPal icon, and select Quit.
  2. tb0TkXqKP4zk7gXC-image.png
  3. Click the Windows Start button and type Software Center then click enter.
  4. Uninstall ScreenPal
  5. .Reboot PC (this is critical)

Folder Cleanup
  1. Launch Windows File Explorer
  2. Copy this: %localappdata% 
  3. Paste that into the File Explorer path field (not to be confused with the Search bar to the right)
  4. image.png

  5. Click Enter
  6. Scroll Down and delete the following folders (if present):
  • ScreenPal
  • ScreenPal-v3
  • Screencast-O-Matic-v2

Do not delete any Screencast-o-matic or ScreenPal folders anywhere else in the computer such as Documents folder.

Download and Install
  1. Go to Software Center again.
  2. Download ScreenPal
  3. Go to expanded system tray again and click on ScreenPal.
  4. Click on your initials or the bubble on the top right corner.
  5. Select log in.
  6. Sign in with your email and email password.