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How to use the Kyocera Staple/Punch

Kyocera copiers use special staples. Please do not try to load any other kind of staples.

On the Kyocera physical copier.

1.) Scan your ID card to access the print screen.

2.) Select Device Functions and go through the prompts.

kyocera device functions.png

3. Select the Org./Paper/Finisher Tab.

kyocera finisher.png

4. Select Staple/Punch function.

kyocera staple punch.png

5. For staples: Select staple location. For hole punch: Select hole punch location. Both of these would depend on where you would like the staple/punch to go.

6. Select OK

7. Place originals in the document processor and press Start.

kyocera settings.png

On the printer settings in the computer.

1.) When you go to print, select Printer Preference before you print.

2.) When the Kyocera printer preference screen pop ups, click on Finishing.

print pref finishing.png

3. Choose your options for punch holes or staples. You have to enable the check box for staples if you want to use it.

4. Click OK and then print as normal.

print staple punch.png