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When you need to add files/folders to your OneDrive.

Accessing the desktop app.

1.) Click on the Windows button and scroll till you see OneDrive

2.) Click on OneDrive


If you have not set up your desktop OneDrive, you will be prompted to do so once you clicked on OneDrive. Follow the prompts to sign in.

onedrive sign in.pngod sign in.png

3.) Your desktop OneDrive will look like any File Explorer for Microsoft. What you do in your desktop OneDrive will affect your web version of OneDrive and vise versa. 


Accessing the web version.

1.) Log into your GatorMail like normal.

2.) Once you are in your Office 365, click on the OneDrive icon.

webversion onedrive.png

3.) You are now in your OneDrive and can add/remove/share files as needed.

To share: Sharing OneDrive files Sharing can only be done in the web version.

share web.png